The Bank of Russia and the Russian Journal of Money and Finance call for papers for the 2022 Economic Research Competition for Students and PhD Fellows

January 14, 2022

The working papers and graduate qualification works produced in 2020, 2021, and in 2022 are accepted. When carrying out the research, the author should have possessed a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, or else been working towards a PhD. Co-written papers are also accepted in case all the co-authors meet the criteria mentioned above.  

Submission topics: central bank’s policy; inflation; financial stability; banking; data analysis: methodology and results.

Competition guidelines

1. Key requirements for the research

  • Applied research. With either a direct result (forecast, macroeconomic analysis model) or an indirect result (testing of economic hypotheses that are important for central bank policy). 
  • Meeting academic criteria. The research should include clear objectives, indicate its theoretical or empirical contribution to the existing literature, a description of the mathematic or econometric model used and the decision quality criteria for the objective set by the author, a description of the data used (in case of empirical research) and a robustness check. Applied conclusions are encouraged.

2. The closing date for submission is 30 April 2022.

The winners will be announced in the mid-June 2022.

3. The Competition winners will be invited to participate in the Bank of Russia International Economic Research Conference held on 5–6 July 2022 in St Petersburg. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the hosts.

4. The Russian Journal of Money and Finance will consider the winners’ papers for publication on a priority basis. 

5. How to apply

Please, submit to the following:

  • Full text of a paper in Russian or English, putting ‘Application for 2022 Bank of Russia Research Competition for Students and PhD Fellows’ in the subject line. 
  • Give your full name, educational status, and educational institution. 
  • A cover letter, containing the research objective, the contribution made by the authors (the originality of the results when compared against the existing studies), results, and conclusions.

Papers are accepted in PDF format (file size not more than 5 MB). 

6. Competition jury and shortlisting of the papers

A jury of the co-editors of the Russian Journal of Money and Finance and the economists-researchers from the Bank of Russia will rate the papers submitted for the Competition. Before this, the papers are to be anonymized, so the jury doesn’t know the author of a work under consideration. The winners will be chosen according to the maximum number of points received from the jury by each paper.

Results of the 2021 Economic Research Competition for Students and PhD Fellows.