Peer review

Any paper submitted to the Russian Journal of Money and Finance is subject to a peer review. The Journal uses double blind review, which means that the review process is anonymous for reviewers as well as for authors: the names of both reviewers and authors are concealed from each other.

Before a paper is sent to reviewers, it is checked up by the editorial staff to ensure that it complies with formal requirements (e.g., thematic areas, scientific level, format). If it does not, notification with reasoning is sent to the author. If the paper complies with formal requirements, it is sent to two reviewers.

The review process takes between one and three months.

The paper can be submitted for evaluation to a member of the Editorial Board (in the absence of conflict of interests), or to a specially invited experts. Reviewers should be competent in the field of the paper under their review.

Reviewers are notified that papers they receive are the property of the authors and contain information not to be disclosed.

Reviewers can: recommend the paper for publication; recommend the paper for publication after revision based on comments; not recommend the paper for publication indicating the reasons for this decision.

The editorial team keep all reviews for not less than five years.